5 Things Our PSW Graduates Had To Say About City College

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5 Things Our PSW Graduates Had To Say About City College

PSW graduates from City College

Five Things Our PSW Graduates Have To Say
About City College?

Tell us about your experience at City College?

"I enjoyed every moment of my time at City College. Especially with my teacher and the staff that work there." - Lavern Carr Simpson

"My experience in class was a joy. I had a wonderful teacher who never gave up on us, and students that respected each other." - Shanique Lee


What part of your course did you really enjoy?

"Honestly, being around my fellow classmates and teacher." - Jomal Jones

"I enjoyed my clinical placement because it gave me a chance to experience working with the residents and the health care team." - Sadeky Taylor


How did your course prepare you for life outside the classroom?

"It gave me a point of view for what I am going to encounter when I am out in the work force." - Charmain Reynolds

"It gave me lots of hands on experience and knowledge." - Susan Providence

What are your future plans?

"My future plans are to continue in the field as a PSW." - Jenifer Campbell

"I would like to further my studies to become an RN. I will continue working as a PSW until then." - Sadeky Taylor


What is one piece of advice you would give current students?

"Focus on your studies it will help you be a great Personal Support Worker in the future." - Nicole Mbongo

"My advice is don't give up there is always hope that you can achieve your goals." - Christine Reid


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