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Developmental Services Worker – A Career That Makes A Difference


Are you looking for a rewarding and meaningful career, that truly benefits the people you are assisting? Then look no further then a career as a Developmental Services Worker.

Career Opportunities

Developmental Services Worker can work in a variety of settings such as;

School Boards
Group Homes
Respite Care Centers
Social Service Agencies
Government Agencies
Mental Health Agencies
Substance Abuse Centers

What Is A Developmental Services Worker

A Developmental Services Worker works closely with individuals who have developmental disabilities. They provide their clients with the right resources and techniques to help them deal with personal and social problems. They help them to become more independent and function better within the classroom, at work and in their day to day lives.

What Does A Developmental Services Worker Do

A Developmental Services Worker teaches their clients the necessary skills and methods needed to function seamlessly within their communities. They help them plan and achieve their goals, whether that be getting their own apartment, obtaining a job or tying their shoes, no matter how big or small of a goal a Developmental Services worker is there to support, guide and instruct their client to success.

Developmental Services Worker Job Outlook

According to the Job Bank of Canada There is going to be a fair amount of job openings in Ontario as a result of the Government increasing funding to social programs. Funding has been specifically allocated for developmental services systems so they can expand programs, provide more residential supports and improve the quality of life for persons with disabilities.

Is A Career As A Developmental Services Worker Right For You?

A Developmental Services Worker needs to be determined, have excellent communication skills, be great at problem-solving, they need to be creative, trustworthy and compassionate.

If these qualities sound just like you and you’ve always wanted to help people and be involved in a meaningful career that challenges you and leaves you feeling rewarded then the Developmental Services Worker diploma program may be for you!

Our Education Consultants are here to help get you started!


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