The Future of Accounting Firms – Millennials | Computerized Accounting Program

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The Future of Accounting Firms – Millennials | Computerized Accounting Program

The Future of Accounting - Millennials

An interesting article called “Millennials are The Future of Accounting Firms” discusses the reasons why Millennials will be the next big client group by year 2020.

Millennials start their first business around age 27 vs. Baby boomers who started their first business around age 35. And as a whole, Millennials have launched twice as many businesses as Baby boomers.

Millennials also love the idea of leaving the corporate workforce and starting their own business. Over 62% of Millennials have considered starting their own business which is significantly higher then any generation in the past.

With owning their own businesses Millennials will need a tax accountant and financial strategies to help them take care of their books and achieve their goals. Building a good rapport with this generation will ensure repeat business for many years to come.

Staying up on the latest accounting technology will also assist you in having a successful accounting career. As time goes on and technology continues to shape the way we live and do business, clients will be looking for individuals who are up to date in the best practices and systems out there.

The Computerized Accounting Program can give you the knowledge and skills needed in this technology driven world.

City College offers an intensive 34-week program that will ensure you are up to date on the latest accounting and computer programs. Our Computerized Accounting Program will prepare you for today’s workforce!

Our Education Consultants are here to help get you started!


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