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The Demand for Personal Support Workers Continues to Grow

Personal Support Workers In Demand

Ontario continues to be faced with a shortage of Personal Support Workers. There are a lot of vacant positions without people to fill them with. With the increase of elderly patients, and shortage of long-term care spaces the demand for PSW’s continues to grow.

Bed Shortage

Many elderly patients are either choosing to remain at home or are forced to because of their complex issues and bed shortages. The wait list for home care varies from city to city but it is often a long one, especially for those who live on the outskirts of town. With unreliable schedules some of our most valuable citizens are at risk.

Aging Population

According to the 2016 Canadian Census there are more people aged 65 and older then there are children (14 years and under). This creates a strain as more people retire and more people need care, there won’t be enough individuals to fill the gaps. As the years go on, the demand for Personal Support Workers will continue to grow.

Being an in-demand field, a career as a Personal Support Worker provides you with security and stability. Here at City College our Personal Support Worker Diploma Program is an intensive 35-week program, that will provide students with the skills and training needed to be successful in the workforce.

If you love to help people and are looking for a rewarding and fulfilling career then the Personal Support Worker Program may be for you.

Our Education Consultants are here to help get you started!


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