Eight Tips to Improve Your Memory

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June 26, 2018
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Eight Tips to Improve Your Memory

8 Tips to Improve Your Memory


Reading your textbook will broaden your understanding. Make short notes for yourself to study from.

Listen to Audio

Listen to audio on the topic and write down some key notes that will help you better understand what you are learning.

Write Things Down

Make your own notes from what you have read in your textbook. Write questions that you think may come up in an exam and answer them later. This is a good way to test your understanding and it will help you remember it.

Talk Out Loud

Read your textbook out loud or try and teach the topic to someone else.

Mind Mapping

Mind maps are a great way to break down information into a simple diagram that can be remembered more easily. You can redraw the diagram and leave blank spaces to fill in later. They're a good way to test whether you know the topic.

Test Yourself

Use past test papers to quiz yourself.


To improve your memory it's important to use different formats of learning to go back over information that you have learned.

Eat Properly

Fueling the mind is an essential element of increasing focus and concentration. Research has indicated that students learn much better when they're well nourished.

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