Tips to Taking the Best Notes in Class

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February 21, 2018
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Tips to Taking the Best Notes in Class

Titles & Ideas

Make your titles bold, highlight them, or put a border around them. Distinguish them apart from your other notes. You can also do this for big ideas that was said in class

Bullet Points

Write down all important information and anything you find interesting. Use headings so you remember what the topic was. Try and keep it brief, and use bullet points to help keep your notes neat and easily readable.


If you have a question write it in your notes and leave room for the answers. Once you ask the question write down what the teacher said. Do the same for questions other students asked. This will help you when you're studying, you can look back at your notes for clarification.


If your teacher draws something or shows you a diagram, make a sketch of it in your notes and write down the main points. Visuals can really assist you in your learning.

Page References

Note down any time your teacher mentions a specific page in your textbook. These will be pages you'll defiantly want to review when you are studying.

Important Terms

Put any important terms in brackets. This way it will stand out on your paper and you'll remember to review these specific terms when you are studying.


- Sit at the front of the class. This will ensure minimal distraction and you'll easily be able to see and hear.

- Use a new line for each new topic. This will keep your note from looking over crowded.

- You can use different coloured pens or highlighter to help organize your notes

- You can also use symbols to help you visually distinguish the different topics in your notes

- Find what works for you!

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