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The Best Music to Listen to While Studying

"Music opens the mind to life"

Some people need absolute silence while they're studying, others thrive with some background noise. Studies have shown background music increases concentration, allowing you to study for longer periods, music also increases your mood motivating you to stay plugged into your notes. If you're one of those people that like a little noise it's important to find the right music that'll keep you focuses and not distracted.

Volume Down

When studying it is important to keep your music as background noise. Meaning, don't crank the volume. Keep the volume at a low level so you stay focused on what you are reading.

Plan Ahead

Make a playlist ahead of time. Knowing what you want to listen to and setting it up ahead of time will ensure you're not wasting your study time scrolling through your music app. If you set it up before hand you'll be able to just hit play and get right into your study notes.

Classical Music

A study done at a University in France concluded that classical music put students in a heightened emotional state, making them more receptive to information. Classical music has also been shown to lower anxiety and blood pressure. Participants listening to classical music had lower blood pressure than those listening to other genres or no music at all. So if you're looking to feel more relaxed and retain more information, then click on the classical playlist below or find another one you like nd get to studying!

Instrumental Music

Instrumental music has the same effect on your brain as classical music, it's calming and helps you focus. Instrumental music tends to have a more modern sound to it. So if you're looking to switch it up from classical, try some instrumental music.

Nature Sounds

A study done by the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America found that playing nature sounds improve people’s cognitive skills, allowing them to focus and retain more information. Nature sounds also showed an increase in people's mood allowing them to concentrate on their studying.

Music is a great way to block out unwanted sounds and help you focus on your notes. If you're having a hard time studying or just dislike being in silence try one of the music types listed above and see if it improves your studying

Study your way to success!


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