Two Reasons why PSW Jobs in Toronto are Increasing

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Two Reasons why PSW Jobs in Toronto are Increasing

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Two Reasons why PSW Jobs in Toronto are Increasing

Looking to go back to school, but wondering what to take?

A great program we offer is the Personal Support Worker Program. According to the Human Resource and Skills Development Canada’s Occupation Projection System (COPS), the occupation of a Personal Support Worker is going to remain in high demand over the coming years especially in Toronto and the surrounding areas. COPS also predicted that there is going to be a shortage of workers in this occupation. The reasoning behind this is Canada’s rapidly aging population. This affects the industry in two ways:

1. There are more Personal Support Workers retiring then there are ones starting to work.
2. As the baby boomers age there a more individuals needing care then there are workers available.

What Does This Mean for You?

With the rising amount of people needing care and the shortage of workers, there will be an abundance of PSW jobs in Toronto. There is nothing more disappointing than investing all your time and finances into your education, only to graduate and find out there is no work available. With the personal support worker program, you have the security knowing that once you have completed school you will be able to quickly find a PSW job in Toronto or anywhere you’d like to live.

PSW Jobs in Toronto and What you can Expect to Find

There are many PSW jobs in Toronto within a variety of facilities. Personal Support Workers have the ability to work in nursing homes, retirement facilities, long-term care facilities, hospitals and in the community within individuals personal homes. PSW Jobs in Toronto are constantly being posted on places like indeed. One quick search and you can feel confident that you will find meaningful and fulfilling employment once you graduate.

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