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Two Reasons why PSW Jobs in Toronto are Increasing
January 14, 2017
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How Second Career can help you into the PSW job field

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See how Second Career can help you!

What Is Second Career

Second Career is a Government grant program for individuals who have been laid off and are looking for an alternate career path within an in demand field. Those who qualify will receive up to $28,000.00 in Government grants to assist with tuition, books/supplies, transportation and living expenses.

Who Qualifies For Second Career?

Second Career is available to individuals who have been laid off after 2004.
“Laid off” as defined by Second Career

  • You have been laid off and have not been working -or-
  • You have been laid off and are working a temporary job just to make ends meet -or-
  • You’re on salary continuance -or-
  • You were given severance pay

*Those currently on Employment Assistance or those who received EI in the past may also qualify

To see if you qualify contact one of our Financial Advisors today! 

Why Choose a Career College 

With so many options, choosing the right school can become overwhelming. It’s important to look at what the school has to offer and how they will assist you in reaching your academic goals. There are many benefits to choosing a Career College, these include fast tracked programs, flexible class times and smaller class sizes.

Accelerated Pace

Often times the programs at a Career Colleges are offered at an accelerated pace, this allows students to enter the workforce quicker. This is beneficial to those with hectic schedules or those who know exactly what career they want to pursue and are eager to begin work. This is great for Second Career recipients as it allows them to begin their new career as soon as possible. Career College programs are focused on maximizing your learning potential through not only theory but also with hands on learning. Career Colleges recognize the importance of hands on learning to employers. A lot of employers are looking for those with experience and hands on learning gives you a good foundation and knowledge base.

Career College Toronto

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Flexible Class Times

Another benefit of a Career College is flexible class times, with programs beginning in the morning, evening or weekend. This is a benefit to those who lead busy lives or currently have a job. In public Colleges programs often run on a set time table and students have to cater their lives to it. Whereas, with flexible class times students have the ability to choose the one that works best with their current schedule. This is great for Second Career students as they often have established daily lives and family that they are caring for. Let one of our Education Consultants see how we can fit school into you life!

Smaller Class Sizes

Career Colleges offer smaller class sizes, with less students, there will be more opportunities for one on one learning and assistance. Students are often overlooked and lost in big classrooms. Alternatively, at a Career College students are not just a student number, the small class sizes gives teachers the opportunity to learn students names and learn a little bit about them. This makes the classroom will feel more personalized allowing stronger relationships to develop with teacher and peers.

PSW Jobs in Toronto
PSW Employment

Looking to go back to school, but wondering what to take? A great program we offer is the Personal Support Worker Program. The Personal Support Worker program will get students into the workforce quickly and provided them with a meaningful and fulfilling career. There are many PSW jobs in Toronto within a variety of facilities. Personal Support Workers have the ability to work many different facilities. Such as, in nursing homes, retirement facilities, long-term care facilities, hospitals and in the community within individuals personal homes. The Personal Support Worker program is a great choice for Second Career Students. It is an in demand field and allows students to begin their new career quickly.

Second Career exists to provide those who have been laid off with the opportunity to train for a new in demand career. If you believe you may qualify for the Second Career grant, don`t delay, contact one of our financial advisors today! They can get you on the right track to success!

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  1. Angella says:

    2nd career is an amazing program it help me to go back to school after I was laid for over 3 years I am a single parent family so they help me with money for bus fare ., my rent and other necessities to survive while in school now I am gainfully employed again # so excited#