3 Things you will Learn During your PSW Program Placement

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January 20, 2017
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3 Things you will Learn During your PSW Program Placement

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Personal Support Worker

The PSW Program teaches you the skills required to provide personal support services to clients and residents in the community, at home, in hospitals and in long-term care facilities. You will learn both in the classroom and while out on placement. You will begin your studies in the classroom where you will develop and learn the practices and roles of a Personal Support Worker. You will learn procedures and what is expected of you. Your teacher will also go over various scenarios with you and teach you how to properly handle each case. Once you have completed the in class portion of the PSW program, you will then begin your PSW placement.

PSW Placement

Placement is an important part of the PSW Program. It gives you the opportunity to get hands on experience in the field, you’ll learn different techniques and you’ll develop teamwork skills.

Hands on Experience

One thing you’ll experience on placement is real life situations. While in the classroom you learn about hypothetical clients and their issues. Which are laid out for you, making it easier to decipher what steps to take. On placement, your clients are real people, with different personalities and problems. Textbooks tend to be very black and white where as in real life different factors may change the course of your actions. Placement builds on what you have learned in the classroom and shows you situations that you may not have encountered in your textbook.


Secondly, on placement you will learn different techniques. On placement, you get to learn from, and work with veteran Personal Support Workers who have experienced a multitude of situations and have dealt with a variety of people. They generally know what works best and the most efficient ways to do things. This is valuable to you as you will get to learn from their expertise. They will also pass down knowledge that will help you develop as a Personal Support Worker.


Lastly, while on placement you will get to improve and develop your teamwork skills. Not only will you be working with other Personal Support Workers but also with other members of the healthcare team such as nurses and doctors. You may even be working in conjunction with your client’s family members. A Personal Support Worker needs to be able to work independently as well as with those around them.

Placement is a valuable and crucial component of the PSW program. You get to take what you learned in the classroom and put your knowledge to work in real life situations. You get to learn from those around you and it’s also a good opportunity to showcase your skills and work ethic, which will assist with future employment. Read more about PSW Jobs in Toronto.

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