International Student Services

City College has many services to help International Students transition smoothly into their studies and life in Canada


Students have the option of using Canada Home-stay which provides housing for students coming into Canada, for further information, please visit this links:

Or if you choose to rent an apartment on your own or with roommates there are several online resources you may wish to try. We recommend you visit the apartment or room before signing a lease. We also encourage you to be proactive in checking daily for housing opportunities given the competitive housing market in Toronto.

Disclaimer: City College makes no warranty or representation regarding any premises or landlords/leasing agents that website and links are simply provided as listed on the website or any links provided herein. These Links are to assist students in locating possible housing opportunities. City College has not inspected or investigated any premises/links in any way, and inclusion of these various websites or links shall not be construed as an endorsement or approval by City College. City College disclaims any responsibility, among other things, for the condition of any premises, terms of any leases, or compliance with any municipal or provincial rules or regulations established in the Landlord Tenant Act of Ontario. All prospective tenants are strongly encouraged to exercise common sense and good judgment when evaluating prospective rental units and landlords. You may wish to seek legal advice, if you have questions about signing a lease or any other rental documents.

You may visit the link below for information about the cost of living:

Airport Pick-up and Delivery

City College provides Airport Pick-up if needed to its International students arriving in Toronto for their first semester of study. Any requests for an airport pick-up must be made 96 hours in advance of the flight arriving in Toronto. Please contact International Student Department for more information about Airport Pick Up and delivery form or Click here for Airport Pick Up and delivery form.


Orientation & Welcome Services- City College will provide all students with a comprehensive Orientation session on the first day of class. Resource and reference material is available to all students.

Counseling Services

International Education Department offers academic and peer counseling, self- help resources, referral to private care, workshops and discussion groups to help students overcome adversity and thrive at City College.

Student Support Group

The international student department also has a support group for international students who are interested in addressing and sharing personal experiences that are common to the international student experience, such as adapting to a new culture, making friends, learning new language and succeeding in academics. The group will also promote civic engagement through volunteerism and community-based research activities on a local level; this will be an excellent way to network and make new friends.

Our Education Consultants are here to answer any questions
to ensure you are ready and motivated to begin your international learning experience!


Accessibility Services

We can help you succeed City College is committed to providing a safe and accessible learning environment for students using a wheel chair Accommodating disabilities at the college is a shared responsibility between college staff, faculty and administrators. Our goal is to provide the best possible services that help our students pursue their college education in a way that respects their dignity, encourages independence and promotes full participation in the community.

Public Transit

The TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) operates buses, streetcars and subways throughout the City of Toronto, with connections to public transportation in neighboring municipalities. For information on bus and subway routes throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), please call 416-393-4636 (416-393- INFO), visit the TTC website or pick up a TTC Ride Guide at any subway station.

If you wish to drive in Toronto or Ontario please visit the Ministry of Transportation website if you have any questions concerning insurance regulations or driver or vehicle licensing.

Taxi Services
Getting around in Toronto can be quite frustrating for a new comer. See a list of taxi services
City taxi: 416-740- 2222
Beck taxi: 416-751- 5555
A1 GTA Cab: 416-482-0000
Uber: 647-897-6938

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