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In order to study in Canada, International students must obtain a Study Visa

Once you received the acceptance letter from City College, you will need to apply for a Study visa through Citizenship and Immigration Canada to allow you to enter and study in Canada. A Study Permit grants you legal permission to reside in Canada for the duration of your studies. To be issued a Study Visa/Permit you will need to follow the procedures outlined by the Canadian government office in your country of residence, and may have to provide some or all of the following documents:

• Valid Passport
• Letter of Acceptance issued by City College
• Proof of financial support (A bank statement to prove that you can support yourself and the family members who accompany you while you are in Canada.)
• Proof of Medical Clearance
• Criminal Record Statement

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Studying at City College

For programs that are less than 6 months in duration, International students may be permitted to study at City College if they have a valid temporary resident Visa that does not expire prior to the study period end date. For programs that are greater than 6 months in duration, students must have a valid Study Permit.

City College has been officially designated as Learning Institute by Citizenship & Immigration Canada. City College has received a Designated Learning Institution Number (City College DLI Number is: 0124137834427) which indicates that we are permitted to provide international students with education by the Government of Canada. You need to include the Designated Learning Institution number (DLI #), on your study permit application form.

To access the Designated Learning Institution list, please visit: list.asp

For more information about studying in Canada, please visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website:
You may also visit Education in Canada website: Click Here

*Students must provide a copy of their Visa and Study Permit if required, prior to starting their program.

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